Apr 16, 2013

MBFWA 2013

It is pretty sad that I no can no longer write about wonderful travels but there had to be a time when they came to an end. Luckily, in the fashion world there have been some events to keep my mind off travel despair!

Last week Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia saw it's fair share of magazine editors, fashion bloggers, models and celebs which made each runway show as good as the last. Australian designers showcased their latest Spring/Summer 2013-14 collections, all of which were pretty wonderful. Overall, Australia's fashion designers followed in a fairly similar suit in the way of materials, with silk, lace and sheer paneling all playing a heavy part in many of the latest looks.

Stand out collections for me over MBFWA included the likes of Ginger & Smart, Vanishing Elephant, Alice McCall, and Bec & Bridge, all who presented lovely lines.

Ginger & Smart's last collection consisted of over-done fashion pieces that hindered their great use of prints and clean cut lines. However, their SS13/14 collection seems to repute this, teaming their signature geometric flare with a splash of floral and use of sheer panels. Electric hues were impeccably put together embodying the collection’s Shapeshifter name. 

Vanishing Elephant's collection was a perfect mix between pattern and plain, presented as a blend of casual and dressed to impress. It is also the line where I felt like I could simply put any item on and feel comfortable and cool. 

Alice McCall presented a flowing and eccentric line, balanced between soft and bold shapes. Geometric patterns, silk and metallic materials perfectly fit her blue, white and monochrome coloured collection. In particular I absolutely loved her geometric patterned pieces. 

Bec & Bridge produced a line with a very similar colour pallet to McCall, although embodied a completely different feel. The classy sheer look of McCall's line was toned down in Bec & Bridge's collection for a more beachy and exotic vibe, highlighted through eccentric coloured floral and middle eastern inspired patterns. 

Apart from the excellent fashion, there were a few runway shows that stood out from the crowd, simply because of the theatrics. Romance Was Born - a label that is known for it's quirky and innovative fashion was one of these. You can watch highlights of the show here:

Along with catwalk fashion, MBFWA saw some incredible street fashion. Looking at street fashion over the duration of any fashion week is always my favourite because there are so many fashionable souls out there! Here are some of my favourites:

Source: http://www.cummingandcompany.com/2012/05/mbfwa-street-style.html

Source: http://www.breakfastwithaudrey.com.au/2013/04/10/mbfwa-street-style-2013-day-two/?pid=24003

Source: http://www.harpersbazaar.com.au/runway/street-style-mercedes-benz-fashion-week-australia.htm?index=43#gallery-container

Source: http://www.tuulavintage.com/

Overall MBFWA repped some great Australian fashion. Here's to hoping I make it next year!!!

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