Apr 14, 2013

England Travels.

As soon as studies had finished in England, it was time to actually see the place. We had been to so many other places so far, but not really seen the country we were living in for 5 months! So, the decision was made with three of my closest pals, Sabrina, Emma and Viktor, that a road-trip around England was definitely on the cards. We hired a car, booked a few hostels and off we went. Because we only had a couple of weeks to fit everything in, we unfortunately couldn't go everywhere we wanted and compromised that we would go to Oxford, Bath and Cornwall. We set off super early on our first day so we could get to Oxford in good time and explore the city. We checked out the university and all of the other amazing architecture around the place, climbed the Cathedral tower which had incredible 360 degree views, found a funky burger cafe for lunch, explored the nooks and crannies before heading back to the hostel for dinner and a few cheeky bevs at the pub down the road. On the walk home, we also found a hidden walking track next to the canal which was like a beautiful winter wonderland covered in snow.

After Oxford we drove to Bath where we stayed for the next couple of nights. Bath was such a beautiful city, so much more than I expected! The city was also covered in snow at every turn, and for someone who previously had only seen snow twice, it was sweeeeeeeeeet. In Bath we went to all of the main places like the Roman baths and the Bath Cathedral, Bath Abbey, the main bridge as well as a lot of shopping and eating at great places. Sabrina's boyfriends family who are from a town close to Bath also met us for a few hours for tea and scones, let's just say we felt pretty English at that point. 

The last place on our itinerary was Cornwall. We decided to spend the most of our time traveling around there, because we knew it was such a big place! We stayed right on the beach front which was the absolute best after not going to the beach for over 5 months. The view as soon as we woke up, to when we went to bed was incredible and we were all in awe the entire time we were there. Cornwall was basically a big nature adventure which suited us fine. Everywhere we went was so picturesque and beautiful.

The whole road-trip was so so so so much fun and we all had the best time. It was awesome to actually see the place we had been living for so long, and also realise how diverse it is!!

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