Apr 12, 2013

The Land of Scots

This post is much overdue but I will make it short and great because:

1. I am back at uni in Australia and I have started writing for Luna Magazine (yay!) AND I have been madly applying for jobs because trips like the one you are about to read about guzzled the lot of my money.

2. I still have to write about the rest of my trip...

3. Lets just say I am not doing well for time at the moment.

Never the less, my trip to Scotland for the second time was just as fantastic as I could have imagined it to be. It began on the megabus to Glasgow, as Zoe and I had decided to go there for one night and check out the city. Also, Matt Corby was playing! Tickets that we had tried to book to his Edinburgh show the night after were completely booked out, so being the fan I am, we HAD to go and see him play. As the bus to Glasgow arrived just before the show started, Zoe and I got to the hostel - changed, guzzled a few drinks and off we went. We had planned it so the hostel wasn't too far away from the venue, which ended up working perfectly as we arrived for the end of the support act and before Matt started. We pushed our way through to the bar for a couple of ciders before perching our selves near the front of the stage.

Now, I have been to a few gigs in my time and I have never EVER seen a crowd as bad as this. When Matt and his band were playing people were talking, and not paying attention at all, (which is rather hard when he literally looks like he is pouring his heart and soul into every song played). At the end of the gig, the atrocities of the audience got worse. Matt and the band walked off the stage and didn't come back for an encore... To be fair, if I were them, I wouldn't have either. As soon as the music stopped, the crowd dispersed in every direction, seemingly Zoe and I were the only ones who were interested in hearing him play some more tunes. The most devastating thing about it all was that my favourite song of his was GOING to be played as the encore. At every other gig I have been to of his, My False is always it, and after a sneaky look at the set list at Matt's feet - my suspicions were confirmed! Although, we didn't hear My False we still had so much fun and the rest of the music played was amazing.

After the gig Zoe and I hung around for a bit chatting to the support act called The Bear's Den. We asked them where was good to go as we had literally arrived in the city 4 or so hours prior. They suggested a place called Nice'n'Sleazy which we immediately laughed at. " Nice'n'Sleazy? Are you sending us to a strip club? " The support act told us no, and that it was where they were going after, but we mutually decided they were messing with us. So, instead we went across the road to a little bar with balcony seating. A good choice. After a while of hanging out there, we wandered whether Nice'n'Sleazy was actually a cool bar like the lads had told us.  We turned to the guy sitting next to us and asked whether he knew where and what it was. " It's a cool bar just down the main road! ". Great, we could have potentially hung out with the band that we saw play, and maybe even Matt and his entourage.

After deliberation we thought it probably was a good idea to go - just incase! Boy did it pay off. When we got there, it happened to be a funky indie looking bar with a ridiculous amount of drinks on the menu and an equally ridiculous amount of people inside. We bought ourselves a drink, had a look around and low and behold - the support act were there. Of course we didn't expect them to remember us, let alone sit with them but it was worth a try. So we went up to them and pointed out that they weren't lying to us. After a bit of a lol and a chat they told the biddies next to them to make room for us. Score! After an hour or so chatting away to Joey from the Bear's Den, Matt's band members walk in. MATT'S BAND MEMBERS. Unfortunately Matt himself wasn't there, but the rest of his band were. I gave Zoe a nudge and she immediately knew what I was referring too. Of course they came straight up to the guys from the Bear's Den and Joey introduced us to Joel (the electric guitar player), T-Bone (the bass player) and Chris (the drummer). I seriously couldn't believe it, first of all we hadn't even been able to get tickets to the Edinburgh gig, and now we were hanging out with the band in Glasgow! Awesome stuff. As the night went on I was having a good chat to Joel, originally bonding over the fact that I was an Australian in Glasgow. I told him that we had been to the gig and I was a big fan of the Corbs, which made what came next even less imaginable. Joel told us to write our names on a piece of paper because he wanted us to be on the guest list for the Edinburgh show on the following night. WHAT?! YEP. GUEST LIST.

After an amazing night in Glasgow, the next day we were on the road to Edinburgh. We arrived there relatively early in the afternoon so we decided to take this as an opportunity to get a feel for the city. As we had both been there before, we both had a fair idea of where we were going, but exploring a city is always fun.

The next two days in Edinburgh were so much fun, we went to so many great places, scouted out an organic health food store (a pot of gold for two vegetarians living in North East England, a.k.a. the home of meat), hung-out in the cafe where JK Rowling wrote the Harry Potter books, went to the cemetery and school where names of characters and Hogwarts was first inspired, Edinburgh castle, partied way too hard, and ended up getting in on the guest list for the Matt Corby gig. It was seriously such a great adventure, maybe one of the best I had in Europe.

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