Apr 9, 2015

All Black Everything

Winter is coming (YES!) and in my little black books that only means one thing; it's time to dress in all black everything. Cooler weather, rain and wind equals more layers, warmer clothing and darker shades. I own so much black, but it can never be enough. Snape and I have something in common, we both like to wear black all of the time. Oh, and he's a badass.

You don't seem convinced, (unless you are convinced, but I wouldn't know so I'm going with the fact you aren't so I can post cool pictures of cool people looking cool in black okay), so here are some pictures to prove that black is timeless and the kewlest. Period.

How can you not love that face.


You know those times when something happens and all of a sudden you feel as if you have gained an amplitude of perspective about things? Yeah, well, that has recently happened to me.

I find myself to already be rather retrospective and intuitive, except sometimes I find myself ridiculously inspired after spending a lot of time looking at art. Whether it be flicking through Tumblr and the plethora of beautiful images on there, listening to music that I have never heard before, reading an inspiring piece of writing or watching a simple film, my body is often overcome with emotion and desire. 

I just want to travel the world, cover my body with meaningful and interesting tattoos, yet at the same time keep my skin clean and pure and wonder what could have been. I want to climb mountains and peaks, kayak down streams and end up in unfamiliar places; yet I also want to stay home and read books, lots of books, sip herbal tea from pretty teapots and teacups and write new songs on the piano. I want to experience culture and life, the contrast between first and third worlds and meet interesting people who have stories to tell. I want to meet those who live in Australia and hear their stories, buy a combi van and drive around the country with nothing but a will to explore. I want to learn about history and the way that we on earth came to be, without the influence of religion or higher powers. I want to be inquisitive and knowledgeable, but also humble. I want to spend time in a house by the ocean, with nothing around but the birds and the salty sea mist. I want to paint and sketch and take photos, but I also want to do nothing at all. I want to meet people that understand what it is to live, really live, and I want to bask in their presence. I want to exude kindness and wisdom. I want to live.

It is in the things that you want to do where you often find those moments of purity. I live in a city, I spend my days cramped up inside in front of my laptop or at work serving others and being kind and forgiving to people who treat me like scum, and 'living' my life. I can tell you now, this isn't living. What is living? What is life? Answer? Everything is nothing, and nothing is everything. Think about it. What does it mean to live? Life is a period of 'time' where we exist on earth and every single thing we do really means nothing at all. Life is an empty pit of nothing. Now you're probably thinking, "wow, she sounds depressed", but the truth is far from depressing; intact, it is wonderful. Life is nothing - so that means you can make whatever the fuck you want to make out of it. You can literally be whatever you want to be. You can do whatever you want. If you really want to do it, you will find a way. Why do people make so many excuses (myself included) as to why they can't do what they really want to do in life? If I knew I would've stopped a long time ago. 

"Because I'm saving for my future" 
"Because I have a full-time job"
"Because I have a family"
"Because I need money"
"Because I need to feed my cat"
"Because I need to pay rent"
"Because I need to have a boyfriend to be happy"
"Because I need to buy a house, and car, and all of the other materialistic things"
"Because I need to 'follow my dream'"

If you want to travel, ditch your job and travel. Find a job overseas for a while, be spontaneous, put your phone away and really just see things for what they are. Be nice, meet new people, make new friends. If you want to be a teacher, a painter, or a writer, stop what you're doing and go and do it. Sure, you might have to study for a few years but fuck, you want to be a teacher? Go and teach. You want to be a painter? Start painting. If you want to write a book, sit down and start to write it. Be a Lena Dunham of the world and just write, you never know where it'll get you. If you like a guy, tell him. If you like a girl, tell her. If you love someone, say it to their face. If you want to spend your life in bed, fucking spend your life in bed. Who cares, do what makes you happy. The only thing you're going to regret is not taking that opportunity, or chance, or following that dream. You might just regret everything else. 

Apr 1, 2015

Red Brick Jungle

Glasses: Ray Ban // Leather Jacket: Neon Heart // Tee: Sportsgirl // Skirt: Savers // Boots: from Littlest Vintage - Glen Osmond Rd.

THE PORCH SESSIONS ft. Jack Carty, All Our Exes Live in Texas & Aidan Jazzy Jones

There really isn't a much better way to start off the week, than listening to wonderful tunes, drinking delicious wine and hanging out with pals in a backyard turned musical oasis. By the end of Sunday's Porch Session, I was nothing but relaxed and ready to take on the week ahead. I couldn't help but weep a little though, as Porch Governor Sharni announced to the crowd that there is only one Porch Session left before season two ends, a very sad time indeed.

As always, the good vibes were abundant, this time in a West Croydon garden, with eats from Chimichurri Grill, beer from the good guys at Vale Ale, delicious wine from Hither & Yon and cider supplied by Dr. Pilkington himself (okay, maybe Dr. Pilkington wasn't there, but the cider was). Brownies, ice-cream sandwiches and mini cheese bundles were the dessert of choice throughout the evening, thanks to Four Seeds. After finally deciding I would try a brownie, I was then told I could choose from Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolate. Please, just stop right there. Too many choices, so little time!

Bunting and fairy lights abundant, The Porch Sessions welcomed its first backyard with a hills-hoist, of course decorated in true porchy style. Lamps and decrotive umbrellas hung from said hoist, making this backyard just a little more fancy, without letting us forget we were in still in 'Straya.

First up on the porch was Aidan Jazzy Jones, a lovely little lad hailing from Adelaide. After a bushwalking accident and one long month and-a-half away from music, Aidan was well and truly back, baby. With an soft vibrato and Australian folk sound, the audience was captivated by his raw lyrics and powerful emotion. His guitar playing and finger-picking skills were second to none, as was his transition between delicate vocals and moments of strength. Toward the end of the set, Aidan played a beautiful song titled 'Refugee', commenting on the treatment of Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Australia. By the end of the set, we were mesmerised and a little bit in love with his hand-knitted EP covers. Bless.

Next up were lady folk legends, All Our Exes Live in Texas. Firstly, I think we should all just stop and appreciate that band name. It's bloody good. Three ladies decked out in cute-as vintage dresses hit the porch, one yielding a piano accordion, and the others with acoustic guitars and ukuleles. I anticipated some serious swooning up ahead, and I was not wrong. With an abundance of banter and delightful harmonies, these ladies absolutely nailed every component of their set. It was fun, funky and funny, and the music was mesmerising. Beginning with a song that reminded me of Seeker Lover Keeper, the audience was instantly drawn into their tight vocals and loveable personalities. I just wanted to be besties with all of them. Throughout the set, they played songs of love, lust and loss, each alternating in lead vocals and instrumentation. As much as I loved the uke, piano accordion and guitar combination, you really couldn't go past their a cappella songs. Although the four-piece was a three-piece on the night due to a missed flight and string of unfortunate circumstances, these girls still managed to put on an amazing show. Oh, and did I mention they have teaspoon merchandise? No seriously, they have teaspoons with their faces on them, that you can buy. I just want them all.
All Our Exes Live in Texas
All Our Exes Live in Texas

Last but not least was the lovely Jack Carty. Throughout his set, Mr. Carty played all of the favourites including Be Like The Water and The Universe. He told us a bunch of funny stories about his friend writing a short-film about a guy called Jack who played the guitar (hint: it was about him), and that time that he casually introduced Katie Noonan onto stage at a gig and everybody almost died (from happiness and excitement, I presume). He sang us a song about his wife-to-be that was all parts delightful and romantic, and finished his set with a little diddy about a candle and a spark - with appropriate audience involvement, of course. Folky and laid-back, Jack put on a beautiful set to finish the evening up pretty perfectly.

Jack Carty
Jack Carty


Hello there. Yes, you. I haven't talked to you in a while.

Guess what? I have some exciting news. Two weeks ago, I graduated university. After 2 years of pre-school, 8 years of primary school, 5 years of high-school and 4 years of university, I am officially finished. Done and dusted.

'How do you feel! What next!' I hear you scream. Well my friend, that is an excellent question. I feel excited (more so that I never have to write an assignment ever again), nervous (because I am apparently a real human being now who needs to find a real job) and a little bit old (I think that one is self explanatory). There are so many things I want to do before then though, and I'm not quite sure how to tackle them. You know what though, none of that matters right now because I HAVE GRADUATED. YEAH.

Jun 6, 2014

New Beginning

A few months ago the parental units decided it would be a fabulous idea to sell the only home my brother and I remember living in; the home we basically grew-up in, created most of our childhood memories in, and of course cherished like no other home we had before. Moving into the new house was a struggle. Not because I only had 2 hours of sleep the evening prior, but because everything seemed so foreign and unsettling, it just didn't feel like our house. I wasn't sure how I felt about anything anymore, and I wasn't motivated to do anything ...That was until, I found the garden.

The garden at my new house is hard to miss as it's so big, but I was in such a narrow-minded space that I didn't even allow myself to see any of the amazing things this new place had to offer. The first time I explored the garden, I found myself in a state of nostalgia and pure happiness. It sent me back to a time when I was young, and all I ever wanted to do was run around and explore. Every separate area of the garden has its own unique charm and character, and I could've sat out there for days. 

Today I decided to spend some time out there, basking in the winter sunshine, catching some vitamin D and drinking copious amounts of lemon and ginger tea (yum) to help me get over the pesky sickness I have at the moment.

Hint: If you haven't spent some serious down-time hanging out in nature as of late, it's time to do just that. 

Wearing: Vintage David Lawrence tee, Doc Martins, First Avenue London duffel coat, Sportsgirl scarf, Cierzo brooch, Ray Ban Glasses, Just Jeans denim. 

May 29, 2014


The post you are about to read is inspired by a lady who comes into my work, and have had the absolute pleasure of serving not once, but twice. Now when I say the absolute pleasure, what I really mean is that there is no-one on this planet I would like to serve less than her. When we see her coming, we run and hide because there really is no-stopping what she is about to order.

Let's call her Fran.

The first time Fran walked into my cafe, I thought she looked like most of the other women I see walking around the shopping centre. Children on one side and Woolworths shopping bags on the other. However, she had a bit more of a smug look on her face than the others, and I knew something smug-like would be coming out of her mouth in the form of an annoying coffee order. What is an annoying coffee order you ask? Well let me fill you in...

1. ordering a 'hot' coffee. 
Do you want your milk to be burnt and taste like soy milk that has been sitting in the sun for a few days? No? Okay then, I will make it to the same temperature as everyone elses which is already hot.

2. ordering three take-away coffees with three different types of milk and expect them to be made in one second.
I am not God. I can only heat up one type of milk at a time. If you were in a rush then you probably shouldn't have ordered a soy latte, a lactose free flat-white and a full cream cappuccino...

3. ordering a coffee which makes no sense.
For example, a cappuccino with no chocolate or an iced coffee with no milk.
(I literally had one lady that wanted an iced coffee with no milk so I said "oh, so a long black on ice then?" and she said "NO, an iced coffee with no milk!!!" so I said OK and made her a long black on ice, before taking it out and her saying "there you go, you got it in the end". Yeah, fuck you lady.)

Now, this third point is essential when it comes to Fran. Before I write down what her order is, you may need to take a deep breath.

"Can I please have an extra hot skinny soy decaf cappuccino with no chocolate?"
"Come again?"
"an extra hot skinny soy decaf cappuccino with no chocolate?"

I think she could tell by the state of utter confusion and bewilderment on my face that I was not happy. UH WHAT IS THIS, AND WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT ORDER. Fran thinks she knows a lot about coffee, but if she really did, she would order a decaf soy latte (which is really what that order equates to). She would also know that baristas have approximately 20 other coffees to make at the same time and will most likely make yours last because you are annoying and stupid.

(Moral of the story: if you order a coffee like Fran, please stop.)

Happy Friday err'body.

May 12, 2014

ALBUM REVIEW: James Vincent Mc Morrow - Post Tropical

Lately, I haven't been able to get enough of James' Vincent Mc Morrow's newest album - Post Tropical. As a long-term fan of mr. Mc Morrow and his spine-tingling falsetto, Post Tropical is the perfect blend of raw vocal performances, electronic keys, and a seriously good mix of R&B, folk and islander inspired beats. 

I can't help but compare this album to something that Sufjan Stevens, Keaton Henson and Bon Iver's Justin Vernon would dream up, mixing soft vocals with instrumental interludes, and each track showcasing a different vibe. (but seriously though, how fantastic would an album be if those three worked together? Pretty damn rad I would think).

The opening song of the album - Cavalier, was released as a single before the album late last year, and pretty much made me weak at the knees before the album had been released. It opens with Mc Morrow's soft vocals, and a backdrop of dreamy chords on an electric keyboard. Instantly drawing in the listener by the raw-ness of it all, Mc Morrow's falsetto hits new heights (like seriously high-pitched) before taking off into a large instrumental piece. The rest of the tune falls pretty much in suit, with waves of beautiful vocals, soft chords and instrumental interludes showcasing an organ-sounding keyboard.   

The next couple of tracks contrast with Cavalier perfectly, using a similar framework of electronic sounds and breathy falsetto vocals; that is, until you reach the fourth track fittingly titled 'gold'. I say fittingly, because I can only ever visualise a royal fanfare playing throughout this tune. It may be the use of brass and other wind instruments or the true richness of it all, flooding my mind with images of royals, Narnia, and castles. 

The title track 'Post Tropical' is another standout track of the album, with its catchy verses, beautiful lyrics and orchestral sounding instrumentation. 

Throughout the album, Mc Morrow uses some true-to-title sounds, with islander/hawaiian tropical sounding rifs and slidey notes all over the place. The beautifully raw and delicate vocals are definitely the standout of the album, making it one of those amazing albums that transport you to a complete different place. 

Warning: whilst listening to this album you may forget that you're sitting on the bus, grooving along with your eyes closed, and providing entertainment for everyone else's ride home. 

RATING: 8/10

Apr 8, 2014

Childhood Charm

I have been noticing the 'trends to try' as of late all seem to be bringing back some serious 90's nostalgia. From tartan and leather, to plaid and matching twin sets, clothing from my childhood is making a comeback.

I'm sure you all remember Cher from the 90's hit Clueless; who often rocked a matching tartan skirt and matching top? Yeah that's right, the hot blonde who played a completely dim-witted but completely adorable, fashion forward (of the time) character, has become a style icon of 2014. 

I will leave you with some images of my favourite 90's nostalgia pieces, just to prove how trendy tartan is once more. 

Apr 4, 2014


Since the decision to have my first tattoo done, I have been itching for another. So, 2 and a bit months ago I decided to bite the bullet and scratch that itch. Sticking to the theme of 'wanderlust' and 'discovery' my travel tattoo came to life in the form of a paper plane.

Since returning from my life changing trip overseas, I needed something to solidify those memories in my brain forever, and add to my existing tattoo reflecting self discovery and moving forward. However cliche and corny it might be, I am so in love with my tattoos thus far.


In the lead up months toward winter, I have been obsessing over coats of duffel nature. Although my collection of coats at the moment is more than excessive, it would be pretty nice to see some of these bad boys sitting in my closet.

Plaid, leather, and fury numbers seem to be trending among the likes of all my favourite international bloggers (and at the top of my wish list). 

Feb 24, 2014


Birthday and summer snaps from me to your eye-balls.