Apr 1, 2015


Hello there. Yes, you. I haven't talked to you in a while.

Guess what? I have some exciting news. Two weeks ago, I graduated university. After 2 years of pre-school, 8 years of primary school, 5 years of high-school and 4 years of university, I am officially finished. Done and dusted.

'How do you feel! What next!' I hear you scream. Well my friend, that is an excellent question. I feel excited (more so that I never have to write an assignment ever again), nervous (because I am apparently a real human being now who needs to find a real job) and a little bit old (I think that one is self explanatory). There are so many things I want to do before then though, and I'm not quite sure how to tackle them. You know what though, none of that matters right now because I HAVE GRADUATED. YEAH.

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