Apr 14, 2013

Europe Adventures

I can't believe I am embarking on my sixth month of being overseas. It honestly feels like I was at the airport in Adelaide yesterday, bawling my eyes out and saying goodbye to family and friends. But, it is time to leave Sunderland and go on an awesome 24 day tour around Europe before heading home to my little old Adelaide.


Excited to be back in Paris!

Notre Dame by night

Love Locker's bridge. Lovers write their names or initials on the locks, lock it to the bridge and throw away the key in the River Seine representing forever lasting love.

Lauterbrunnen in the Swiss Alps

After skydiving in the Swiss Alps!!! (clearly still on a high)

The beautiful Lauterbrunnen

At the lodge - pre snowball fight

ITALY - Florence and Pisa

View from the bridge

Florence - the home of Pinocchio!

Pisa - leaning tower in the distance. 

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Rome, Orvieto and Verona

The lovely Caitlin


Verona - Street Carnevale celebrations


Hugh + I - Colosseum 

View of Rome from the balcony of the Vatican

Inside the Vatican - All of the ceilings are so intricate and breathtaking

The colossal Rome Pantheon 

Verona - Carnevale

Love Locks at Juliet's balcony in Verona

La Bocca Della Verita - The Mouth of Truth (If you get your hand back, you are not a liar! ...I still have my hand)


The gelato store in Rome with over 100 flavours - it was AMAZING

View from the top of Orvieto

Trevi fountain

Carnevale in Verona

Kitty cat - Orvieto



Venice during Carnevale

Just some of the crowds!!

Celebrating Carnevale in style

Wine and Carnevale, can't do much better in Venice

The flooded St Marcs square

Gondola Times, the best of times


Salzburg, Vienna and Bratislava

Bratislava - Just a little cold.

The Von Trapp house from the Sound of Music - Salzburg

Mozart's former home - Salzburg
Sound of Music tour, view from the Alps - Salzburg

"I am sixteen going on seventeen" - Sound of Music tour, Salzburg

Hostel drunken hangs

HUNGARY - Budapest

Yeah, this happened. 20 Euro for all you can eat AND drink (alcohol included). We got rowdy.

Budapest, on the river bank between Buda and Pest. The shoes on the edge represent the many Jewish lives lost here. They were made to line up, take off their shoes so they could be sold, and shot as a group into the river. 

Beautiful Budapest

POLAND - Krakow and Auschwitz

Little busker guy



The main square - Krakow


GERMANY - Berlin

One of the many Berlin war memorials

East Side of the Berlin Wall 

Brandenburg Gate - The gateway that used to separate East and West Berlin

So much snow!

Part of the Berlin Wall

HOLLAND - Amsterdam

Finally reunited with my gal pal

Party and bullshit on the canal cruise

Fierrry Shots

Amsterdam brought the end of an absolutely AMAZING 24 days. It flew by so fast and there is so much I could write pages about the crazy fun times I had with a bunch of fantastic new friends, but these select few photos sum it up without words. 

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