May 1, 2013

Time flys by when you're having fun

I seriously can't believe that it has been almost TWO WHOLE MONTHS since I got home from Europe. A third of the time I spent over there, it has just gone so ridiculously fast. I don't really have too much to write about at the moment because lets be honest, since returning home nothing can really compare to the time I spent overseas! The first week of being home was great I have to say. I jumped straight back into everything, it was absolutely amazing weather (although I was sweating out every possible bead of H20 in my system - it was so hot), and I loved being back home with my family. I also worked and went to WOMAD which was pretty cool. I was so much back into my routine the first day I didn't really have time for jetlag. Don't get me wrong, I was extremely tired but it was all good, just powered through, ya know!

The next few weeks were not so good. Lets just say that the Europe blues hit me, and hard. It was a pretty horrible few weeks, but the last month has been much, much better. I don't feel as home sick (home being England - oh how the table has turned!) and although I still miss my friends overseas, I am getting back to my old self so it seems! I think I'll leave you with some snaps of my latest Adelaide escapades. Plenty more to come once I have some dollah dollah bils yo.

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