Mar 15, 2012

Madness in March

Living in Adeliade is always the most exciting when it comes to the month of March. The weekend that has just past is definitely worth writing about as there were so many amazing gigs, festivals and other events which complete this crazy yet fabulous month. Womadelaide kicked off on Friday, and continued through til Monday. As much as I wanted to attend the festival in its entirity, I was only able to live it up all Saturday, day and night. The day was amazing, filled with wonderful world music, and meeting the percusionist from one of my all time favorite bands, Jinja Safari. Jinja was one of the first gigs that we saw on the day, who completely set the mood. Their rad jungle-pop beats and amazing enthusiasm left us chipper head to toe, with our bodies swaying to their glorious tunes. If you haven't heard of Jinja Safari before, I definitely reccommend it. It also doesn't go astray to gaze into the eyes of all of the band members who are all of sex god status...

The rest of the day was filled with crazy dancing, chilled siestas under the shade, lots of cider, and basking in the sunshine which made for an amazing day even if I did spend my life savings. Without sounding like a crazed alcoholic, Monday morning was arisen with excitment and began with a cheeky glass of Moscato. The crew came over to my house, and we were blasting tunes to the likes of Fat Boy Slim, Skrillex and The Wombats, all of which were playing at the Future Music Festival which we began drinking a little bit too early for. Although the day seemed to all roll into one big blur of fun in the sun listening to fantastic beats, it was none the less, totally awesome. I was surrounded by all my buds and honestly had such a good day. Highlight of the day was for sure the Wombats, even if I did miss their final and best song "Let's Dance to Joy Division".

Mermaids - Jinja Safari

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