Nov 13, 2013

freak out

Holey guacamole, I am 21. What. When. Why. How. Where did all the time go? I feel like I was in high-school the other day, and now I'm 21? WOAH.

Post-21st celebrations have left me feeling a number of things. Nostalgic, yet grown-up, but also a little dis-organised and weird. The other day I was thinking about when I was a child. You know, the times when you used to try to predict what the future would hold? I actually laughed out loud at my child-self and her thoughts. Apparently age 25 (which is clearly so old), is in-fact the age to have children of your own, a loving long-term relationship, live in some big house with your own cord-less home phone, and of course be working in your dream job (I honestly believed I would be on Getaway). As a child, you are so freakin' positive about the future, and everything surrounding you. You can't wait to grow up, have responsibility and ultimately - be an adult. Then, one day, it's your 21st birthday and you're just like 'what the fuck'. 

So, with all these things playing on my mind, I did the logical thing and re-organised/completely cleaned out my room. Yep, I know - so logical.

If you haven't done this in a while, I strongly recommend it. Yeah, getting started might be tough but once you're there, there is no turning back. Whilst surrounded by clothing, shoes and a ridiculous amount of mundane objects on my bedroom floor, I found some clarity. Kind of like that moment in Can't Buy me Love when a young Dempsey realises he is super in love with the first-thought-superficial-bitch-cheerleader-that-is-actually-really-nice. Okay, maybe not - but close. I realised that there have been, and will continue to be so many crazy, strange and pretty awesome moments in my life and 21 is just the beginning. I can't wait to see what my future holds!

So on that note, here are some fan-fucking-tastic happy snaps from my 21st flower party for your perusing. 

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