Nov 12, 2013

Behind the scenes for Greta Kate

Melbourne Cup, Australia's no.1 horse race ...and festival of high end fashion.

Okay, let's just cut to the chase, most ladies don't head to the Melbourne Cup to watch a horse race - they go to flaunt their fashion, fascinators and have some drunk fun in the sun. They may put some money on their favourite horse (not because it is actually good, but because it has a cute name), but it is certain that they will be admiring (or judging) every other women's outfit at the cup. 

So this year's race-day saw the opportunity for me to work behind the scenes at the Melbourne Cup parade during Variety's Melbourne Cup event at the Hilton Hotel. The Parade was put on by Greta Kate, an Adelaide based designer who found her collection inspiration whilst traveling around Europe with her beau, sourcing fabrics and having an all round amazing time. Her high-end fashion pieces come together to make up a collection which embodies elegance, and sophistication - with a little bit of bling. I absolutely loved the contrast between the block coloured, flowing, silk tops with embellished straps that were paired with sequin leggings, in comparison to the floral skirts and tops brought to life with bright fascinators. As an individual who usually shuns anything with sequins or sparkle, Greta's sequined leggings made me a little weak at the knees. I was surprised myself how much I loved them, they were amazing!

The day began at 10.30am, to get acquainted with the models, other dressers and people who made the show run smoothly, and of course - meet Greta (she is so lovely). 
11am: Rehearsals, and complete run through of the show
12 - 1.30pm: Lunch break. 
1.30-2pm: Fashion show

The girls I had the pleasure to meet and work with during the day were all wonderful, and predominantly fashion students at tafe. It was nice to meet some super-cool people all interested in the same sorta stuff, and it was even better to see how fast and crazy everything is backstage. One minute, the models are poised, proper and delicately strutting their stuff on the runway, and the next - running down the hall in heels like a crazy person whilst stripping and getting ready for the worlds fastest clothing change. Manic!

 Sourced: Greta Kate

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