Oct 26, 2013

Adelaide Fashion Festival: NORWOOD PLACE PARADES

Sunday, October 20 - I was lucky enough to attend the Adelaide Fashion Festival for XXIV Magazine. It was a pretty exciting event, with the opportunity to witness fantastic fashion, chat to festival organisers, designers, and behind the scenes personnel.

The day began with the 'emerging designer pressure test' before ten budding designers were given two hours, some material and thread, to design and make a creative masterpiece of their choosing. One of my talented gal pals Elise Musolino was competing in the competition, and created a masterpiece of a garment!

After walking around the festival for a little bit to get my bearings, it was time to head over to the runway. A faux grass runway lined with birdcages was a pretty perfect setting for the day, as the sun was shining and there were some serious happy vibes all round. There were two runway shows, the first showcasing high street fashion, and the second presenting street-wear and boutique fashion. Lucy Bayet (the face of AFF) closed each show, first with sponsor variety, and second with a trail of models behind her on the runway.

(I think it's obvious I liked snapping this model...)

Following the runway shows, the pressure test winner was announced. Cooper Davis, third year TAFE student - took out the award, with his "modern-day Marie Antionette, beach inspired look". Petar, a first year TAFE fashion student was my personal fave - with his blocked black and white, flared sleeves, and floral mini.

The rest of the day consisted of chatting to stall holders, snapping street style and some good ol' fun in the sun with my friend Lucy. It was a b-e-a-utiful day so it was nice to have some time to peruse the marketplace whilst soaking up the vitamin D. One of the lovely ladies I met was Siham - assistant designer at Cameo. The Adelaide based brand has taken some serious strides in the last few months (I'm sure you've caught Cameo fever), so it was great to talk to her and see what's been happening. She said she was "enjoying the festival as a bit of a break from her usual designing, collaborating and fabricating" and as an Adelaide based designer, is loving the brand recognition (not only in Australia - but internationally!). She laughed about Jessica Alba wearing a Cameo blazer the other day, yes you read that correctly - Jessica Alba... before saying "I was like, what! Jessica Alba! I watch her in movies!"...It was pretty refreshing to see that the designer fame hasn't got to her (like anyone you see on Australia's Next Top Model *cough Alex Perry cough*), and remains to be one down to earth lady.

Before the day ended at Argo for some antioxidant fruit juice goodness, Lucy was asked to be in the 'best dressed of the festival' competition (she is one hip' n happenin' bid). She didn't win, but got a nice little prize - YOU GO GURL!

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