Dec 6, 2012

Winter Wonderland

As I am in the process of writing another few blog posts about my recent travels to Amsterdam, Ireland, Edinburgh and Glasgow, I have been dousing myself up on tunes which will motivate me to do some uni work and stop obsessing over recent snowfall. Yesterday was the first day which it has properly snowed where I am living in England, and put into the words by my flat mate Katie, "all you could hear for about three hours was Alana running around the house yelling IT'S SNOWING!!" Although I have been skiing in the snow before, I have never actually seen it snow down. After taking copious amounts of pictures and skyping everyone I know to tell them it was snowing, I convinced Katie to come outside and she helped me build my first snowman. She started rolling around the snow into a massive ball and I was amazed. Apparently this is a known thing, that when you roll a small ball of snow on top of more snow, it sticks together to make a massive ball. Katie seemed to find it hilarious when I was surprised that this was a known method to make a snowman.. Living in a country where you have to drive hours and hours to even see snow has it's disadvantages I tell you! After throwing a few snowballs around we headed back inside for some hot chocolate and a session of Harry Potter. I don't think I could have been happier....

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