Dec 3, 2012

t w e n t y

The weekend before commencing on three consecutive weekends of traveling, I celebrated my twentieth birthday. Twenty years old. I still cannot believe it. It's so strange how I still remember my eighteenth birthday like it was yesterday, and now I am twenty! Before I came to study overseas I was so concerned that my birthday was only one and a bit months into me being in England and I would have no close friends yet to celebrate with... but I couldn't have been more wrong! My flat mate Jackie and I are born two days apart so basically as soon as we found this out, we knew that we wanted to have a raging combined flat party. On Friday night of our birthday weekend we went to a lovely Italian restaurant with all of our pals to celebrate Jackie's birthday. Coincidentally on the same night, we also had been invited to a Halloween party at our friend Alice's house. So, due to not having enough time to go home between festivities, we all decided to go to dinner dressed in our Halloween costumes. For most of us this wasn't really an issue as we wore semi normal clothes and added the extra bits of our costume when we got to the party. For some of us it wasn't so easy. Daniel and Viktor decided that they wanted to paint their entire faces in face paint, so there we were, sitting in the restaurant, half of us dressed up! It was such a funny sight, the waiter couldn't even stop himself from laughing. The Halloween party which followed was so so so much fun! It was the first night it snowed since I had been in England, but it was so much fun to celebrate the first night of mine and Jackie's birthday weekend with great company, tunes, dancing, drinking and dinner.

The following day was Saturday, and that night was our party. Because our friends are so great, they wanted to do something special for us, hence I wasn't allowed to go downstairs or into our kitchen for the entire day. At first I felt a bit lost but quickly learnt how to use it to my advantage, I had the girls making me sandwiches for lunch in no time hehehehe After occupying myself for the day, Jackie and I were allowed into the kitchen. 7pm sharp. We still had no idea what was going on but it ended up being great. The girls had decked out the kitchen in English flags, balloons and a hand drawn London skyline! It looked so good and it was topped of with a brownie birthday cake, appletini cupcakes and champagne! After an hour or two, our flat was feeling good, coming off of a number of drinking games. The rest of the night was so much fun, some of it is a bit of a blur, but what can I say, I was no longer a teenager! At 12 o'clock friends from a flat across from us brought in another birthday cake which was apparently so good that it was gone in seconds! (I wouldn't know because I didn't get to taste it, it was gone that fast...) but it was so nice and made my birthday one I will never forget.

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