Feb 5, 2012

Matt Corby

I have been meaning to post about this for a long time, so I am finally writing about the wonderful evening I had last year at one of Matt Corby's Secret Garden Shows in Adelaide. The house that it was held at was so much further than my friend Zenon and I had anticipated, yet the adventure there was fun in itself! We cranked some of Matt's t00ns to get us in the mood for the night that lay ahead. We arrived a lot later than most of the people who came to the garden show so we were seated close to the back which ended up being quite good! Matt was sitting directly behind us for most of the show, until he had to play of course, which already had Zenon dubbing my antics the same as those of a 15 year old girl obsessing over her favorite pop star. As amazing as it was to be in such close proximity to Matt, Zenon and I had a little bit of a giggle at the actual 15 year old girls who were going up one by one, attempting to charm him with their highschool ways. The show was amazing, his vocals are just as good, (if not better) than his records, and he played all of my favourites which is also a super big plus when you attend a gig of such calibre! At the end of the show, we went to have a chat to him and ended up talking to him for a solid 10 minutes about all sorts of things. He is such a lovely guy and I was so excited and happy that I was able to meet him in person! I am so so so pumped to see him again at Jive at the end of Feburary, which I will hopefully have another story to recollect!

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