Feb 5, 2012

A day of discovery...

Currently listening to the lovely musings of The National, I was inspired to post an update relating to my recent escapades. As my brother and I are as it seem 'lonely souls', living the life with out parents for a couple of weeks, I have been full of mixed emotions. Feeling lonely at night when the family is usually yelling about one thing or another, to completely relaxed during the days I find myself sitting at home whilst enjoying a day off from work. Night time turns me into an anxious wreck, between feeding the dawggy-dawg and ourselves yet maintaining a nutritious meal base and maintaining housework. All in all, a shell of mixed emotions seems to sum me up rather well at the present.

Yesterday was such a lovely day. Lazy sunday afternoons are the absolute ultimate, and not having to work through them is even better. My bud Emilie arrived at my abode mid-morning as I whipped us up a vege-filled egg breakfast, yum! After chilling out around the breakfast bar, we ventured into the city to take a look around Gilles St Market where I was lucky to find some amazing purchases! I am rather proud to boast that I picked up a lovely teal green cord blazer for $5 and a pair of creepers and two rings for $20!

The angsty asian girl who sold me the creepers had done some serious makeshaft DIY by covering the front in glitter glue, something my daft self believed that I could chisel off. So as it goes, my bargain creppers are currently half restored, being that the front is still covered in glitter with pockets of a lovely green suade poking through. I am definitely disappointed that she cover the green up in glitter as they actually look much, much better without it! Maybe that's why she was selling them in the first place...

The rest of our day consisted of a drive around the back streets of Goodwood, sussing out some hidden little spots of goodness that I had driven by one day. On the particular day of my journey into the land of lost-ness I came across a little church with a bright blue and red door, surrounded by a cottage garden and a tabby cat running around. I was so annoyed that my camera was unwillingly sitting on the self in my bedroom, whilst I was out discovering some could-have-been great snapshots. So yesterday, I decided to take emi to this little church and take the much deserved photo that I had been wanting to take for weeks!

We also scouted out the Brown Dog Cafe which I drive by on a daily basis on my travels to work, but had never actually ventured into. Turns out it was infact as great at I thought it would be, the coffee was amazing and the local talent that worked there weren't infact too bad either. All in all, a wonderful day!

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