Jan 8, 2012


As the beginning of 2012 commences, as always I am ready to thrust my abnormally large ambitions into the air. I think that it is rather fitting to begin this first post of 2012 with my new year resolutions list, partly because it will re-enforce myself to attempt achieving them... so here is the list!

- become fitter and more motivated
- save lots of pennies $$$$$$$
- keep my room of bed clean
- increase my surfing skills so I can stand for slightly longer than 2 seconds
- teach myself the guitar
- write some lovely music
- become a better person
- read more, write more, paint more

So there they are, the list that I will aim to improve this year. The list was slightly inspired by a number of beachy types that I met over my three week holiday around parts of the great ocean road. I had such an amazing time, and the scenery was absolutely magnificent. I think this is the first year which I have actually come to appreciate the beauty that Australia and it's magnificent beach towns have to offer. They are so beautifully un-touched, and simply breath-taking. I think all Australians should definitely take the time to visit atleast somewhere along the great ocean road, oh the things I would do to go back!
Majority of my time was spent in Port Fairy, a little town approximately 20 minutes away from Warnambool in Victoria. It is such a lovely town, small, but lovely. The main street which seemingly appeared to be two due to it's L shaped nature, was abundant in old style shop fronts with little treasures of a different nature inside each one. After about a week there, I was chaperoned onward by my friends on the way to Falls Festival in Lorne.
The 2.5 hour drive to Lorne was so brilliant, we had the tunes pumping, scheming how to get our alchohol into the festival whilst taking in the view before us. Falls Festival itself was so much fun. I had such an amazing time and the group that went down with myself were all so wonderful, we all had the best time! There were so many well-known acts at the festival, but we failed to see them all. Top three acts of mine would have to have been Kimbra, who's recorded music doesn't do her justice, Grouplove and the Kooks, all of which were out of this world good. Finally the trip ended back at Port Fairy with the fam, camping for 3 weeks straight definietly has its down sides but over-all was such a good time :)

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