Sep 13, 2013


Wow, where has time gone these past few months? I have no idea in the slightest, that's for sure. Lately my time has been consumed with weekly 21sts, working, uni-ing and finding time in between for everything else, (no wonder my blogging has taken a back-seat). In between the madness, I did find some time to take a little trip to Melbourne however, which was such a good break. Four days of goodness to sooth the soul was seriously perfect. Before Melbourne I feel like my motivation had dwindled considerably compared with a few months prior, although I can now say that - I'm back baby! Motivation for living the healthy lifestyle I am ultimately aiming for is back in full swing, I am writing for a magazine again - we're no longer Luna, but XXIV magazine instead! Re-launched and ready to get myself back into it 100%. My music goals are on track, with a few new covers under the belt and a new appreciation for a few prog rock greats, (thank you university for actually providing an elective that is super-duper awesome), and finally - my motives for living life to the full are stronger than evaaaaah.

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