Oct 8, 2012

Home Sweet Home

It has taken me a while to even attempt starting this post because so far, the things that I have experienced and the people I have met have been so intense and amazing that I honestly don't think writing about it will do it any justice... Although, I will try. I am currently posting from the city I now call home, which is Sunderland. Sunderland is a town in the North East of England, situated by the coast. On the 15th of September I arrived at Newcastle airport to catch a free shuttle into the Sunderland University accommodation, where I would be living in for the next 4 or so months.

I arrived at Clanny House in the early afternoon and it was then that I became rattled with nerves. What were my flat mates going to be like? What if I didn't enjoy myself? A million and one questions were running through my mind, but I figured that I would just have to wait and see. To my absolute delight, I was the second person to arrive at my flat, and whilst dragging my ridiculously heavy bags up the stairs (something which had become far too familiar), I met Katie. Katie had arrived about an hour before I did, and already had a chance to familiarise herself with her new surroundings. We had a chat before I headed up what seemed like the never ending stairs and finally entered Room 19, which would be my bedroom for the entirety of my stay here. I threw down my bags and just lay on my bed for a little bit. It was pretty amazing realising that fact that what I had been planning to do for so long was actually becoming reality. Room 19 really did feel like my room, and I was excited to simply settle in and make myself at home. I headed back downstairs before unpacking my things and properly met Katie who turned out to be from North Carolina in the USA. Shortly after, three more of my flat mates arrived almost simultaneously. First Jacqueline from Germany, next Erin from Melbourne, and finally, Sabrina from Germany. We all acquainted ourselves with each other and I was so happy. I felt like there was an instant connection between the group, and later on the evening we found out that it seemed to be mutual. We hung out with each other for the rest of the afternoon before meeting our sixth flat mate, Daniel. It was at this time we realised we would only have one guy living in our flat of 6 girls, as there was only one more girl to arrive, Emma from France. Daniel had arrived later Saturday evening and by this point all of us had already decided to go out and have a raging first night together. I thought it was so funny and strange that the only boy living with us was called Daniel as my only brother at home is also called Daniel! By the time Daniel walked into the kitchen to meet us all properly for the first time, we had already had a considerable amount to drink and I think he thought we were a bunch of nutters. On our first night out together we went to the freshers welcoming event of the year which took place at a club called Northshore. It was so much fun, and I think it was so nice to feel like my new flat mates were already close friends.

The first week now is all a bit of a blur, but I do remember the fact that we only stayed home for one night that entire week. By the end of our partying escapades over freshers week, our flat were a solid unit. Although I had only been in Sunderland for one week, it felt like I had known these guys for so long and we had already had so much fun together.

The week after freshers was my first week of uni. I felt like I was back in first year again, I didn't know anybody, and none of my friends were in any of my classes. In the end I had to change classes because the timetable I had seemed to be mixed up with 3rd year subjects but to my relief, the classes that replaced the old ones are top notch. 

All in all, my first month in Sunderland has been such a fantastic experience, and I wouldn't have wanted anything more than what I have already! I don't really feel like this post has done any justice to the friendships I have made in the last few weeks, and the incredible experience I have had so far, I can honestly say that I have already made some amazing friends that I know will be life long buddies.

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