Apr 25, 2012


Unfortunately I have neglected to post anything lately, and I shall explain why...
First of all, my life isn't extremely eventful at the moment, as I work way too much. Saving for overseas sucks! But atleast all the money I am saving will contribute to some lovely posts about my travels around the continent of Europe.

Because work and nothing-ness consumes my life I will post about them anyway. So, work is good. I am managing to save lots of $$$ for my overseas travels and I am getting excited! I was lucky enough to score a place at a university on an exchange program in the UK. This means that I am now enrolled for the second half of this year at Sunderland University which is in the North of England. After studying for 4 or so months, I am leaving myself a sufficient amount of two months to travel around the rest of Europe. Although this is all very exciting, lately I have been becoming increasingly nervous about the whole thing. Yeah, it will be an amazing experience (I hope), but I am really nervous at the fact that I won't be home for 6 months, see any of my family or friends for that period of time, settle in to a new living environment, attend uni, make friends, and at the same time keep enough money aside for travels around Europe. I am so so excited, but at the same time ridiculously nervous. It has also hit me in the last two days that I will need to fit my wardrobe/half of my bedroom into one suitcase. Shit. That will be the biggest and hardest task of them all!!

Apart from my travelling worries and excitement (it is all rolled into a ball of one at the present), here are some lovely snapshots of some of my recent outings with the gal pals. x

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