Feb 14, 2011

the end of an era

I haven't exactly looked at this blog in a while, a little depressing I know! I have just been so busy (even though it hasn't exactly felt like it.) We are now approaching the month of March, 2011, leaving the year 2010 far behind. Although this is terribly scary considering it felt like yesterday when I completed my final year 12 exam and began the 4 glorious months of holidays that lay ahead, March is also one of my favourite months in the city of Adelaide... as we like to call it 'march maddness' is the month where it's all at, fringe festival, clipsal, tour down under, womadelaide and future music all jam packed into one utterly catastrophic month. I say catastrophic due to the various personality types all situated in the same place. First you have the arty indie kids who enjoy a bit of the garden of unearthly delights and attending those intriguing comedy and music gigs, then you have the bogan rev-heads repping their southern cross tattoos and bikie beaters and rocking out to shannon noel at the clipsal. Next you have the wannabe cyclists who believe that as soon as the tour down under hits town, they immediately turn into pro cyclists, taking up every single seat outside cibo in their lycra jumpsuits and A-Grade bicylces that are used once a year. To go perfectly with the bogan atmosphere, down the road is womadelaide, a hippy music festival (my personal fave) that hosts some of the best culturally diverse acts around the world, with the people attending decked out in fisherman pants and dreds galore. Finally, to top it off you have the wogs and techno obsessed feinds who attend future music festival getting slizzard to infinity and beyond. As you can tell, the atmosphere in Adelaide goes offfffffffff. Since my last post there have been a few rather major events that have happened with christmas being one of them. This year I went to my aunties house for the day (and night) and just chilled out with my cousins for most of the day. As I have now been deemed 'too old' for presents, not a lot of my christmas wishes came true! To cure my unfullfilled desires I decided to go out with the little bit of $$$ I had left and buy myself some new clothes, returning with a glorious black jumpsuit and some canvas wedges.

A few days after christmas, a group of my gal pals and I went camping for a few days down at barmera. It was so much fun with all of them and even though I have probably now got skin cancer from how burnt I got, I loved every minute of it! I must admit, I was a terible driver on this trip though not only reversing into a street sign but running over a wooden post and reversing into a recycling bin were amoung my mishaps.

The next big event which I have disregaurded to write about was the notorious new years eve. Personally, I think that the event is rather over-rated although I did have a good night (possibly due to the half bottle of vodka consumed)

2011, bring me luck.

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